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Equiform Nutrition and Nick Skelton

September 20, 2013 10:20:39 AM

Nick Skelton was one of the most successful Show Jumpers in the world and has been a fixture in the European prize circles for nearly 4 decades. With appearances in 6 Olympics, including being a part of the Gold Medal winning team in 2012 his credentials in the show jumping field are unparalleled. While raw talent and drive are needed to stay at that level for do many years, he also admits to having help along the way. He uses Equiform Nutrition supplements equine feed supplements for that something extra from his horses.

Nutritional supplements for horses are used to help compensate for the stress of travel and competition, even if that competition is just an owner and horse on an afternoon trying to see how good a day it is. It allows a horse to recover fast, stay calmer, and reduces the stress that can lead to poor performance and performance related injuries. With over 100 years in the equestrian nutrition business, Equiform Nutritional are heralded for consistent quality and results.

Equiform Nutrition supplements have travelled the world as well. As well as gracing the stables at multiple Olympics, it has been to the Dubai International Horse Fair this year and virtually every track in the UK. Most importantly, it is available to horse lovers and owners of all levels so you can have it in your stables as well.

With both a performance range and a breeding range of supplements, they are improving performance and health of horses in all paths and at all stages of life from foal to comfortably loved and retired and the exciting years of competition or simple companionship in between.  

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