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Looking to expand your stable? You’ll need to upgrade your facilities first.

September 02, 2013 11:47:19 AM

I’ve always viewed horses as something of an addiction and I can confirm that one horse is never enough. I was slightly apprehensive before getting my first horse, but since then I’ve been firmly ‘bitten by the horse riding bug’ and now I couldn’t even begin to comprehend spending my free time differently.

If you’re looking to expand your stable then there are a number of areas you need to consider before you do so, such as:


On average, pasture is around 2 horses per hectare. However, it is worth noting that this varies depending on horse size and the quality of land.

All horses should spend as much time as possible outdoors as this prevents the spreading of germs and diseases that could be hiding in their stables.

Due to this, it is vital that you have adequate land for your horses. If you don’t (or you can’t expand) then you shouldn’t consider expanding your stable as their quality of care could be compromised.


We all love our homes and spend endless hours updating them and modernising them to make sure that they suit our tastes.

Surely, based on this principal our horses deserve the same luxury? Expanding your stable is the perfect excuse to upgrade your horse shelter so that your horses can live in comfort and style. Try checking out Vale Stables to see what is available at the price you’re looking for.

New stables will reduce the likelihood of diseases spreading and will ensure that your horses get the quality of care they deserve.

Time constraints

We all know how time consuming owning a horse can be. However, despite the long nights, the early mornings and the frequent need for care, we love it dearly and owning a horse is incredibly rewarding.

When expanding your stable it is important that you increase your time spent with your horses immeasurably. It may be that your stable expansion will impact on your family time so ensure they’re consulted on the negative impacts before lunging into a quick decision.

To conclude, there are a number of areas to consider if you’re thinking of expanding your stable. Due to this, you should never rush into a decision as you need to ensure that your horses get the quality of care they deserve. However, if you do decide to upgrade then the rewards are great and the horses will love the additional company; make sure that you make the decision that is right for you and for your family.


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